Cancer Diagnosis Center

Our Cancer Diagnosis Center takes advantage of the medical expertise of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center to provide our patients with complete and fast cancer diagnosis service. 


We specialize in solid tumors including the following:

-      Thoracic tumors (including lung, mediastinum etc.)

-      Digestive tumors (including esophageal, gastric, colorectal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, etc.)

-      Thyroid tumor

-      Breast tumor

-      Neuroendocrine tumor

Diagnostic Methods:

-      Diagnostic imaging including ultrasound, X-ray, CT, PET/CT, etc.

-      Tumor marker testing

-      Genetic testing

-      Pathological testing: in addition to normal morphological examination, histochemical techniques, immunohistochemical techniques, electron microscopes and molecular biology techniques are also used to assist the diagnosis.


Our Advantages


Quick Sampling, Quick Test, Quick Diagnosis

Diagnosis testing can be arranged within 2 days of consultation in the shortest time, depending on condition of the patient. Pathological diagnosis report can be produced in about 3 to 7 days after the pathological tissue sampling.


Pain Minimized 

Patients are anaesthetized during the process of imaging guided biopsy and endoscopic biopsy, and therefore suffer less in the pathological tissue sampling. 



From the sampling of pathological tissues to the final presentation of pathological reports, all operations and diagnoses are performed by experts from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center.

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