Medical Assistance

Our Health Specialists provide patients with assistance and supports throughout the medical process, including travel planning and psychological counselling. 


Our services include: 

Medical support 

-       Guidance of the medical process

-       Appointment making

-       Pathological specimens handing-in

-       Medical reports collection

-       Inpatient coordination

-       etc.

 Travel planning

-       Accommodation and catering arrangements for patients and their families

-       Transport information provision

-       etc.

Psychological counselling

-        Online consulting

-        Case sharing

-        etc.


Our Advantages


We have established official partnerships with top hospitals in Shanghai including Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center.

Proximity and Accessibility

Located at the heart of the local healthcare cluster in Shanghai, we are only 1.5km away from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Zhongshan Hospital.


Our Health Specialists have solid medical knowledge, and are familiar with the medical process of our partner hospitals.


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